Deep State Inslee’s Mandatory Microchip Injections

Garrett Snedaker
1 min readAug 13, 2021

This is Amurka, gol dang it! We have freedumb!!1! Or so I thought. So, what’s this I hear about states like Washington making public employees wear masks and get vaccinated against COVID as a condition of employment? That’s outrageous! What next, mandatory immunizations for children before they can attend school or child care facilities? Mandatory vaccines for health care workers and military personnel? Restaurant workers being required to wear gloves and hairnets? Restaurant patrons being required to wear a shirt and shoes in order to get service? Traffic signs and traffic lights telling me when and where and for how long I have to stop? Limits on where I can dump toxic waste?

I have no doubt this is the doing of those Antifa Fascists and Deep State Socialists. I can’t wait for Trump to be reinstated later this month, so that he and JFK, Jr. can resume their battle against the Satan worshippers who consume unvaccinated babies in pizza shop basements.

Garrett Snedaker

Poet and essayist living on the left coast of a nation in decline.